Innovative schemes helping cities to become more sustainable.

By Katharine Colleran

Cities are increasingly delivering fresh ideas to cut carbon emissions and make urban areas more liveable

For many of today’s cities grappling with the early effects of climate change and under pressure to make progress towards meeting ambitious net zero targets, it’s time to think boldly and creatively about what needs to change.

From redesigning planning norms to re-greening the heart of cities and tackling emissions from real estate head-on, there’s been a flurry of new initiatives and policies aiming to make urban areas more sustainable and resilient in both the shorter- and the longer-term.

“Cities are now responding to the need to decarbonize the built environment but it’s a complex, long-term issue with no quick fixes,” says Jeremy Kelly, Lead Director, Global Cities Research at JLL.

“It’s going to take a mixture of different initiatives and partnerships. We’re seeing some great ideas from the frontrunners that other cities can learn from and adapt but we’re really only at the start of what needs to happen if we’re truly going to create a more sustainable future.”

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